Not a single idea flashes into my mind these days. I don't find any interesting topic for writing. I'm too busy to update my blog. I cannot assemble my thoughts and ideas.

These are some excuses for not writing (a blog post), and you call it bloggers block?

Well, I think it's okay when sometimes you don't want to write. It's perfectly okay to take a break. But in case if it takes a long time to bounce back and you feel bad for not writing, here are some effective ways to beat the "Bloggers Block"!

Visit prompt sites and participate. We always need some inspiration. For writing inspiration you can visit prompt sites like yes, Write Tribe and many others listed in the sidebar of my blog. The provide interesting words, sentences and images.

Observe and listen. Sometimes, a simple conversation or some interesting view or even some photos in newspapers and magazine can trigger your thoughts and imagination. I think travelling boosts your thinking! So, always keep your eyes, ears and mind open.

Write about your Bloggers Block. Yes, if nothing triggers your writing, write about it. Why you can't write? How do you feel? What keeps you away from writing? Anything. Many days back, I wrote a post, just blabbering why I couldn't I write and how I felt. And trust me it kick-started my blogging. You may find it odd or childish but bachchon wali baaten karo, tumhen achchha lagega! :)

Visit different blogs and comment. See what others are writing about, and post a comment if you like it. It may stir your vision and thoughts. To be honest, it will invite bloggers to your blog. You'll receive comments and feel enthusiastic about blogging. 

Jot down the instant ideas. Yes, sometimes interesting ideas or lines flash into mind for fleeting second, and if you don't write them immediately, they tend to disappear. It's frustrating and inhibits the interest of writing. Keep a pen and a pad near your bed. An idea may strike while you're trying to sleep. Trust me, ideas tend to strike at weird moments. Write it down. Now, you have a substance for writing!

Read. Yes, read everything you get your hands on. Habit of reading generates ideas and triggers thinking process. Read an article, story or novel and write your view, like you can write book reviews.

Click photos and write about them. Pictures evoke thoughts and emotions!

And if you suffer from Writer's  Block quite often, and you don't have a blog, it's time to start a blog. It's an amazing platform to unlock your thoughts and imagination!

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  1. the me! :)

  1. Tarang....good tips to do away blogger's block....I have done most of what you have mentioned here and it works....

  1. Truly speaking I experience want of time and naturally I may not come across a block.But you have written very encouragingly.

  1. Awesome tips we can follow! Thanks Tarang! :)

  1. :)

  1. Yes, they really work. Tried and tested! Thank you :)

  1. Thank you Prayaga! :)

  1. Welcome! :) And thanks for reading...:)

  1. I liked the image and thank you so much for coming up with this post,just at the right time :-)

  1. Thank you for reading and I'm glad you liked it :)

  1. I have nominated you for sunshine award.So pl. visit me.Congrats.

  1. Hey, interesting ideas. I will try the observation thingy and me think should do the trick:)

  1. Thank you so much Prayaga!! :)

  1. I'm glad you find it interesting. Yes, I think you can extract so many prompts by listening and observing...:)

  1. I have a regular posting schedule and I make sure have a stockpile of articles to pick from because I can’t always write to order. I’m not blocked in that sense but I’m not capable of doing my best work. When I can I write. I’ll write two or three articles in a row but then I’ll go through a dry spell. It’s important that you understand how you work and what works best for you. This works for me.

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