My desperate dream
It’s something beyond my reach
I know, still, I wish…

This should be my first wish. Despite being a very positive person, I know it’s not going to be fulfilled….ever…perhaps but still I’m stubborn enough to feel “Ah, I wish...” always…. Since I’m not going to elaborate it here (But I found it important to mention it here as I’m talking about my wishes) I’ll leave it here only.

Okay, this post is a part of Wish list Wednesdays, a creative prompt provided by Preeti Shenoy (Author of three successful books). Her fourth book The Secret Wish list (Westland Publishers) is going to release very soon.

This week’s prompt is “The three things that I badly wish I could have…”

There are many such moments when we sigh “Ah, I wish…”
We wish or dream. Some of them grant us pleasure. Some disappoint us hugely yet we never fail to dream or wish.

There’re many common things we all wish like smiles and happiness of our dear ones, successful dream career, some valued/materialistic possessions. I think we can achieve these things, or at least try to, with hard work, luck, determination or money so here I would like to wish for something more perpetual that affects & smoothes our lives.

So, I wish….

1.       Courage in my life. Courage to face truth. Courage to tell truth. Courage to say NO. Courage to face the hurdles. Courage to be determined etc. Actually in many circumstances, life demands it and you have to show a nice presentation and gradually it becomes a part of your nature. It spreads the light of positivity and hope. Although, I always try to embrace them tightly, I want these very important things lighting the path of my life…always.

2.        Patience/Conscience: Actually they’re correlated. We generally start to think absurdly sometimes irrationally or hopelessly whenever we lose patience. When we get tired of fighting our problems we lose patience and eventually our conscience. So, though, people say I’m a very patient soul, I wish it stays with me always.

3.       Blissful Health: I think health is happiness and brings peace. And it’s the most important and significant asset anyone can have in life.

Sometimes we find life surrounded by hurdles and troubles and we must learn to fight them. We can do it successfully when we are in good health. We all want to stay peacefully and blissfully with perfect harmony. We all want to care for our loved ones. For this we need to have a healthy body and mind. I’ve observed that when life drags us to hospital every now and then, it detaches happiness and peace from our life. I’ve seen many people suffering tremendously. So I wish to stay healthy till I die.

I thank Preeti Shenoy for another interesting journey and I wish her all the best for her new book. Really looking forward to reading The Secret Wish List.

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  1. tarang I can relate to your haiku a lot... an old wound scratched...

  1. My desperate dream
    It’s something beyond my reach
    I know, still, I wish…

    Lovely lines to begin the post with..

    May God Bless you with courage, patience and good health.


  1. We reach impossible heights sometimes in life because we have power to wish! loved it!

  1. Both twenties girl and I wish went meaningful

  1. Beautiful wish... AMEN to it!

    You have wished for 3 very important things for survival :)

  1. I don't think your wishes are beyond your reach at all. Courage....patience...conscience....bliss. You can make those happen everyday! Peace.

  1. Our wishes are really our prayers (unspoken, still we long as much) - ♥

  1. Very true haiku! we can't live without wishing. And the three wishes are chosen so wisely, If we have them, we'll have power to fulfill other wishes :]

  1. @ Unshakenthoughts: What can I say? Thanks for visiting:)

    @ Arti: Thank you so much!:) GBU:)

    @ Meenakshi Malhotra: You're right...Thanks so much!:)

    @ Rudraprayaga: Thank you!:)

  1. @ Me: Yes, these are very important things anyone can have in life. Thank you!:)

    @ Wabisabipoet: You're right...we all these things to some extent but to maintain these things in really...really difficult situation is sometimes challenging. And by the way I am NOT talking about these things in this haiku (When I say a desperate dream is beyond my reach) Perhaps you haven't read the few initial lines of the post:) Thanks!

    @ Mama Tim: Maybe you're right:) Thanks!

    @ You're absolutely right Valli!! Thank you very much!:)

  1. The starting lines are so true..we all have some wishes, which we know, won't come true ever, yet the heart wishes desperately for it to be fulfilled..
    May all your wishes come true :)
    All the best :)

  1. @ Rhythm: Thank you so much and same to you!:)

  1. Wonderful lines, wonderful wishes, hard and true

  1. @ Judith Westerfield: Thank you! :)

  1. That's what hope is all about. Even if you think it's a desperate dream, you still hope your wish comes true.

  1. Congratulations!!!

    For winning this prompt :)

  1. @ Prema: You're right! Thank you!:)

    @ Me: !!! Thank you so much!:)

  1. Congratulations :)


  1. Congratulations Tarang :)

  1. Congratulations for winning the prompt, Tarang.

  1. Congratulations for winning the prompt, Tarang.

  1. Congrats Tarang..Good podt!, Well written

  1. @ Arti, Rhythm, Komal, Horizon: Thank you!:)

  1. three simple wishes to make life simply perfect.. I hopes all your wishes come true. I wish your dream turns into reality... I wish I really do...

  1. Thank you so much Neha for such lovely words! I know you really do...:) Best wishes to you too...:)

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